Subukia Trail Race


What is SBK TR ?

Subukia Trail Race, it is a project of creation of trail in Subukia, in the middle of the Rift Valley in Kenya, in the footsteps of our ancestors. Indeed, it is in this region of the world that the man would have appeared. Apparently that bipedalism is a biomechanical adaptation that allowed to survive in the Bush. What could be more logical then that to organize a race on these mythical places? The race of this first achievement will 21 km in order to introduce this sport to the greatest number. In this country, few people know this sport, and this first edition will allow to teach kenyans about the joys of the sport.

Where ?

The race takes place in Subukia, a city located 0 ° 0' 9,579 "S and 36 ° 13'48.125" E. concretely I invite you to look more in detail on the map.


• Governor Lee Kinyanjui 21km Subukia Trail Race: this race is 21 km for a D + 980 m. She makes a loop around Subukia, passing on the two hills bordering the town.

Why ?

For this first edition, aims to familiarize the kenyans in this discipline so, in the near future to create an international event.

The project will have many implications for the local population which will be put to use and paid for the organization. It allows also to get to know a country, the Kenya, in an original way, different safaris and put forward its landscapes, its culture and its way of life.

Finally, the Rift Valley is a mythical place, each runner must visit in your life, what better way than to do running...

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